How a check up is carried out at ISmerian

Patient’s background and medical history

When you fix an appointment at ISMERIAN you are sent a 25 page medical questionnaire with queries regarding your past and present state of health, lifestyle and family history. The questionnaire serves as a basis for the interview with Dr. Ongaro, where the most important issues are discussed and previous medical tests and reports are examined. Patients are in fact requested to bring all past clinical documents with them to the appointment. The data is vital in order to understand the patient’s state of health and the effect of previous therapies. 

Biochemical and genomic testing

The questionnaire also serves to select which panel of lab tests is most suitable for the patient. ISMERIAN favours an in-depth laboratory and genomic diagnostic approach where tests are not carried out simply in function to the patient’s current symptoms. The tests we routinely carry out include comprehensive hormone profiles, inflammatory and oxidative stress and vitamin markers as well as all the classic biochemical tests. Test readings are not only based on standard reference ranges (often very broad) but on optimal values as reported in scientific literature. This allows us to map pre-pathological tendencies and consequently draw up a long-term prevention program. Moreover, today we can analyze genetic predisposition to several chronic diseases and define the risk of developing certain illnesses with much more precision, including some types of cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.
“Head-to-toe” medical examination
This check up is carried out personally by Dr. Ongaro and entails a region per region head-to-toe examination to detect early signs of illness, hormone imbalance and vitamin deficiency. Moreover, body composition is assessed in order to determine the percent of fat, lean mass and water, and distribution in the various parts of the body.
Function and mobility tests
The check-up also includes a series of advanced function tests that measure extremely important physiological parameters such as the maximum oxygen uptake, basal metabolic rate and HRV (heart rate variability) that serve to assess the balance between the sympathetic and para sympathetic nervous system and the levels of fatigue. As regards mobility, tests are carried out in order to assess posture, mobility levels and strength, including three dimensional mobility assessment via the 3D space curl, a device originally developed to train astronauts.
Psychophysiological tests
Psychophysiology is the science that enables us to examine the response of various body regions to diverse stressful or restful situations. A scientific approach is used, which includes many measures that investigate the interface of mind and body in order to optimize mental/physical resources and stress management and thus improve mental performance and reduce body symptoms induced by emotional stress. Special focus is placed on cognitive functions including memory and attention capacity, which are assessed with dedicated software. The psychological/physiological tests are carried out in a special “mind room” that promotes relaxation and concentration.
Customized report with preventive therapy program
The data collected during the check up are carefully assessed and integrated with the results of the lab tests. The information serves to draw up a customized report underscoring the responses and the areas in need of therapeutic treatment. Treatment is based on a multi-modal integrated approach composed of medical, mobility and psychological elements. The medical therapy includes a nutritional procedure, integrators, phytotherapic compounds, and medication if and when required. A follow-up schedule is developed in order to monitor the results and the state of the person over time.
Logistics and timing
The check up is completely carried out at our institute and usually lasts from 5 to 7 hours. Persons coming from far can choose to stay at a hotel that applies special rates and offers a shuttle service. We recommend you also book a one-hour session with a trainer and a mind/body session after the check up in order to be properly coached on the exercise program and stress reduction and management program.
We provide an integrated medical format that works on the complex networks that interconnect the various systems of the body. This means improved health management by way of the following:
- Customized prevention based on individual genomic and biochemical features
- Regulation of body weight
- Improved movement and muscle strength
- Improved aerobic fitness
- Falls prevention and improvement of perceived self-efficacy
- Reduction of back pain and musculoskeletal problems
- Increased vitality and slow down of aging process
- Reduction of stress and improved control of emotions
- Enhanced mental performance
- Regulation of endocrine and metabolic processes
- Improved general appearance
- Optimal menopause and andropause management
- Optimal management of irregular menstruation and hormone imbalance
Furthermore, the check up is the way to access highly advanced, integrated therapies for persons suffering from various chronic degenerative illnesses including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, autoimmune diseases and Alzheimer’s disease.