ISmerian is one of the most advanced institutes in the field of anti-aging medicine. It’s the centre where you can revitalize and manage your health and lifestyle. ISmerian takes care of you with a full, integrated therapeutic approach that comprises a comprehensive assessment of your personal and medical history, an array of functional mobility tests and psychophysiological tests, a full set of innovative laboratory and diagnostic tests, genomic tests, and a complete medical check up.


Anti-Aging Medicine is a new medical discipline that aims at reaching the following clinical results:

- Prevent cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders and some types of cancer;
- Prevent and treat over weight and obesity;
- Develop diagnostic and preventive programs in the field of functional endocrinology, such as bioidentical hormone therapy, in order to correct endocrine imbalances including those associated to subclinical hypothyroidism, perimenopause, menopause and andropause;
- Prevent cognitive disordersincluding memory deficits and Alzheimer’s disease;
- Prevent and treat mobility problems, including sedentarism, and prescribe preventive therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation programs;
- Diagnose and treat osteopenia and prevent osteoporosis;
- Develop programs for psychosocial stress assessment and anxiety/ depression reduction and management;
- Identify genetic predispositions to chronic degenerative illnesses and develop tailored prevention programs.

In the United States anti-aging medicine is rapidly growing because its primary goal is to maximize the quality of life of all age groups and not only increase longevity with pharmacological treatment. What is crucially needed in our society is a new specialized preventive branch of medicine that focuses on improving the management of chronic illnesses. Anti-aging medicine is the one and only medical discipline using the latest scientific discoveries and clinical methods in order to achieve this result. 


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For all persons who feel the need to reduce their stress levels and learn how to manage their stress-related behaviour patterns in a different, more effective way. Under the care of Dr. Sonja Ongaro, the stress program combines cognitive-behavioural approaches, classic relaxation techniques like autogenic training, imaginative and biofeedback techniques, sensors and computer aids that help the person understand what happens to his/her body in different stress situations.




For individual sportspersons or sports clubs that want to have a clear picture of the athletes’ physical fitness in order to optimize training programs.

You can book tests via telephone. A team of experts will take care of each individual case in order to provide a complete functional assessment and consequently plan specific schedules based on a balance of potentiality and achievable goals.